CRY ENVY has taken some time off to write and Brian Roxxy / CRY ENVY will to return to the LIVE scene, in 2017 in what looks to be The Northwest Arkansas Area (And reassemble a NEW Line up. But for now here is some history and if you are in or around the Rogers/Fayetteville AR Area hit me up. CRY ENVY was created in Northern California in 2003/04, by Brian Riggins (A.K.A. Brian Roxxy) Rocked CA from 2005-2010, (recorded 3 Albums 1st NEVER SAY PLEASE, 2nd WELCOME TO MY HOUSE and 3rd YOU'RE MY DIRTY ONE. Then Brian Took a break to work on ANGEL CITY REJECTS from June of 2010 until 2013. In 2013 I Recorded 10 new tracks at the End of ACR. it is a CRY ENVY recording though. but time has come and a long time at that for a Full Return to CRY ENVY  2017 Looks like it will be the year. and a change of scenery down to the NWA Area (North West Arkansas). Will be looking For a Guitarist, Bassist (maybe) and Drummer's interested please contact me @

Also in saying a Brand New CRY ENVY CD is in the Works to see the Choices please go to 

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Keep the Rock Hard and the Groove Sleazy!



"VIXEN" the Track below is from the New CD (not in the Mastered version yet) 

08 08 Cry Envy - Vixen - H02.mp3

Below is a Video w/Lyrics too "FEELS SO GOOD" from the New CRY ENVY album soon to be released. 

CRY ENVY's current recording was done in 2013. Interested in getting ahold of it email me Subject line "CRYENVY CD 2013" 

Tracks include;

1. All Dressed Up (no place to go)

2. C'mon, C'mon, C'mon

3. D.T.F

4. Feels So Good

5. Go Down

6. Pretty Tore Up

7. Got Love For Me (Honey Bee)

8. Vixen

9. Shut up, Shut up (Give me a reason)

10. I wanna kill your pussycat

All songs written and recorded by Brian Roxxy for SNRC Music (c)2013. 

All Tracks Brian Roxxy played, Bass, Guitar Lead and Rhythm. Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals.

Drums by Dom. 

Recorded at Novi Studio's, Colorado Springs, CO.

Engineered by Kyle.

Special Thanks;

Here are just some thanks to the following people and places; (For The 2011/13 years) The Toad Tavern/Mark S. (Littleton), Wolfpack productions, Jim and Staff, The Lions Lair, Cheers (Denver), The Oriental Theater (Denver), Herman Hideaway, Yeshai Reuben, Bushwackers (Denver), The Union Station, Randy (Colo Springs), Kate @ Rocket Studio's, Chuck McQuatters (You Rock dude), Scott Tiede, (For former cool ex-bandmates), Ace Blackstone, Alan Harrison, Eric Soprano, Chris Jamison, Noti Bullets, Adam Christti, Chris Michaels, Troy K. & C.C. (if I didn't list you in "Former Members" well there is a reason for that) (Thanks to,) Skid @ Sleazeroxx (for the previous reviews), D-Days Revenge, Brian @ Rock eyez, Mark Gilmore, Alan Sperry, Joe Sokoloski, JK Northrup (for being such a cool dude & Making the Magic happen on the Mastering and other recordings), Rob Hodge. Sandra Leitner. (for taking Pic's of ACR) Angel W. (For taking CE Pics over the years). (for the 2005/10 years) Tony @ The Kennel Club & Dreamers, Shire Road Club, UGLY's Tequila Bar, The Fire Escape, The Owl Club, The Road House, The Branding Iron, The G Street Pub, Shenanigans, The Powerhouse Pub, The boardwalk. For all those musicians I didn't mention, you know why!, the Women who were inspiration over the years, Tammi, Stefenie, Terri, Katherine, and so many other. (Even the bad women, The Heather's and Kris) and lastly my Family, Mom, Dad, Sisters, and my kids Stephanie and Ryan. 

Thanks. Brian (Riggins) Roxxy

Brian (Roxxy) Riggins - Vocals, Bass and Guitar.

Here are 2 UN-Mastered tracks from the 2013 Recordings 

01 01 Cry Envy - All Dressed Up, No Place To Go - H02.mp3

07 07 Cry Envy - Got Love For Me (Honey Bee) - H02.mp3

       On The Audio-Video page MORE AUDIO,                                 1st Album "NEVER SAY PLEASE"    

       2nd Album "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE  

        3rd Album "YOU'RE MY DIRTY ONE" 

                - EARLY DEMO's -  5 of 8   

   LIVE @ The Toad Tavern AUG 31st 2013 (Angel City Rejects Show).          

     LIVE @ The Shire Road Club JAN 22nd 2010 (Roxxy)                                                                                      

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06/28/2017; -      Here we are in 2017 midway through it. I have been asking for your help, Friends, Family and Fans. I have 20 songs out of around a 100 that I narrowed down to 18 that I am looking for your opinions on. your TOP 10 that stand out. I say 20, because there are 2 that I definitely will record. go to the YOUR VOTE - New CD section listen to the tracks and send me your feedback. Remember these are ROUGH DEMO'S. all songs are of course go without mention (c) 2016 & 2017 SNRC Music. All Lyrics and Music by Brian Riggins (a.k.a) Brian Roxxy. 


05/10/2015; - I have taken some time off from playing live shows. NOT because I want too but because where I currently live it pretty much sucks and in he middle of nowhere. So I hope by this time next year I will be in an area that is more productive and that I can find musicians (The Right musicians for this band). In the mean time I am and have been writing new demo's and hope too record another new albums worth maybe sometime this year. Still not sure if I will print any CD's for the last 10 tracks. currently I am offering them for FREE Downloads. Please drop me an e-mail if you have any questions. Brian Roxxy


08/29/14 - Currently working on and writing new material for the next few albums. STILL have the CRY ENVY - CRY ENVY album/CD waiting to release. I will return to Colorado in the near future to continue and Build on the live shows. Musicians contact me on my email if you are interested. 


12/14/2013 - After a 3 year stint in Angel City Rejects playing in both CA and CO. Brian has returned to his first love. CRY ENVY and with that has recorded a NEW 10 song CD. which he hopes to have available sometime after the first of the year/spring.

As some of you may notice the reverbnation caption in the corner, these pictures were from my side band Angel City Rejects. Live shots. 

More AUDIO on the Audio-Video-More page....