CRY ENVY has just released 3 of our Albums on ALL Digital Markets, You can find them on AMAZON, ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Many others.

The tracks can be bought seperately or for a savings, buy as a Whole Album. 

Unfortunately I have no direct say on the cost per Album or Track. That is up to the Digital retailer, We just get a cut.

Keep the Rock Hard and the Groove Sleazy!



CRY ENVY Albums;

"YOU'RE MY DIRTY ONE" - 9 Tracks

"IT'S A LITTLE RAW!" - 10 Tracks

(S/T) CRY ENVY - 9 Tracks

The Following Links are for each Album on AMAZON. This is not the only Digital Retailer, We should be on ALL Digital Sites including but not limited too, ITUNES, GOOGLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY, DEEZER, TIDAL and more. additonal links at bottom of page.

I have had request for Hard Copies/ CD's at this point unfortunately they are only Digital. I may do a LIMITED run of CD's. and will keep everyone posted on here and my facebooks sites if we are able to do so. Though if I get enough request for a CD it may happen sooner. Thx. Brian Roxxy 

For Other options on Retailers please copy and paste the following links.

Copy & Paste to hear NEW Stand Alone Single.

Where Can U Be?

Release Date 9/20/19

Copy and paste for YOU'RE MY DIRTY ONE"

Copy and paste for "IT'S A LITTLE RAW"

Copy and paste for (S/T) "CRY ENVY"

NEW SINGLE For CHRISTMAS - "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" Available on ALL Digitla services only through DEC 31st.

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