These are Roughs and Demo's of new and old songs yet to be recorded in final form. Just thought I'd post them too keep a running catalog of songs. All songs are property of Brian Riggins. No songs can be used without expressed written permission. All Songs written by, Brian Riggins (c) 2003 on through 2014 and beyond. SNRC Music  - They're NOT all golden or great, but just thought I'd post em for all to hear. Some may become full fledged songs in the future.

All the time.mp3

Down and out blues.mp3

F.. einds U.. nder C .. over K .. issing.mp3

Feels So Good.mp3

give me all i need.mp3

got love for me (honey bee).mp3

got you on a string.mp3

Hold out 4 love 2.mp3

I Just Wanna (wanna see).mp3

I want you.mp3

In The City.mp3


Midnite Merry Go Round.mp3

Outta Love.mp3

Rock n Roll Tonite.mp3

Set me Free.mp3

Take it or Leave it.mp3


You got me.mp3

All dressed up (No place to go).mp3

All your love tonite 2.mp3


Everytime we touch 2.mp3

falling for you 2.mp3

Flesh 2 Flesh - clean.mp3

Gone Away.mp3

Got my finger (onyou).mp3

Guess it's time to roll.mp3

I Can't Wait.mp3

I want someone.mp3

I wish I Could care (but I don't).mp3

Innocent fun.mp3


one that got away.mp3

Play Dead For Me.mp3


She's On Fire.mp3

This Time (shortend).mp3

what'cha wanna do .mp3

You're the one.mp3

Fuck You, Mr. President.mp3

cut me t1.mp3

Just a taste of some demo's MORE TO COME... Check back often.. If you like any please drop me an email @