This page is of OLD and OLDER Video's - NOT any recent CRY ENVY stuff.

The Band - "NASTY"  Summer 1987

Band - "JUSTICE" Live @ The Placer County Fair Ground 1988' 

Band - "JUSTICE" Lite Rail Inn 1988 Jan.

Below are only AUDIO of the Live show "WIDOW" did we only made it through 5 songs before a RIOT Broke out. 

A Couple of practice clips audio only. 

This is currently the ONLY recorded audio from "WIDOW" we did on a Tascam recorder 

below are 2 Audio tracks from a Tascam recording of my band "CATHOUSE THURSDAY" 1992' 

Band - "EMMA G" circa 1989/90? 

JESTER 86' the next 4 songs 

Much more too come soon.... keep checking back for additional video from my older bands like "Emma G", "Justice", "Angola Grey", "Vamp Naste' ", Older "CRY ENVY" & Angel City Rejects".