My Story

Okay, so I thought I would start a little thing for those who care and just for me to get these things written down. For me Music has always been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. Always had music playing throughout the house when I was growing up. I got my first acoustic guitar somewhere around 1975 or 76' did a little with it. Later in 79' I got my first electric guitar and started working a little more with it. as well as I began writing lyrics around then as well..

  years went by and as I reached high school I really started heading in the rock and roll direction, but instead of focusing on guitar I went for the Lead vocalist spot. (mainly because in 81 I broke my wrist jumping out of a moving car. I was told by a doctor I would never be able to play the guitar. Guess he was wrong come to find out) anyways, I found MOTLEY CRUE when they first released their Leathur Records version of "Too Fast For Love". that was it, I started growing my hair and around my sophomore year, I hooked up with a friend named Daniel Hazlett who was a drummer and he had a band with two other school mates, named Jason Trotter (guitar) and Jeff Herzog (bass) I guess it was Jeff's band and he was a dick, I never did like him. The band was called "MIDWAY" and we were just a cover band, doing covers like "The Mob Rules", "You can still rock in america" and some others it was so long ago but we did have around 8 or 10 we were doing and though I never played a gig with them we were captured in our High School year book a two page spread. I don't know the reason I left I was probably fired because Jeff and I didn't get along, cant really recall.

   So I moved on, it was in my Junior around 85' I created a band called "STRANGER" with 3 guys from high school  and one other that we meant I think Paul found him. Paul Childs was a long time friend from H.S. and the drummer,my other buddy Tony Mason (Guitar), Brian Ferrall (Bass) and Christain Baptiest (might of spelled his last name wrong) (Guitar). We came up with a couple songs but never went farther then that I left the band. BUT I did get laid for the first time as a result of being the singer in a band. Her name was Shannon and a friend of Christains. So something good came of that band. I ended up continuing to write songs mainly in classes as well as scribble out band names as any rocker hopeful would do. (I still have folders of all my lyrics good and bad).

 So my senior year was upon me, I started to try out of some bands outside of my school as my senior year was ended. The first band I tried out for was a band called "STOLEN" very cool Motley type wannabe's I say that in the best possible way, and I really wanted to be in this band. But I think the guitarist wasn't into me. but I did have a lot of practicing to do, So I didn't hold that against them and kept in contact with the bass player who looked like Nikki (shit his name is escaping me right now). So I put out an add and I immediately got a call. Lori Johnson was her name she was the self proclaimed manager of the band. The band was called "JESTER" and actually had been playing the clubs so I was stoked to hear that. 

  A meeting was set up, and I was too meet the guys in the band. I drove out to the Arden area of Sacramento and met them by a Burger King at Dusk, scary area then as it is now and seeing these guys scared the shit out of me, hell I was still 18 and just a kid. They were a bit older a few years anyways. So out of a Cougar steps these two dudes all in black, from their hair to their clothes and a Long haired Blonde woman, Lori. She introduced me to Randall Justice a six foot dude with hair about another foot off his head so it seemed in a black leather jacket (he played Bass) and The an even scarier looking dude who did look like cousin it. long straight hair and didn't talk much, this was Cliff Almendariz. (later would be known by Cliff Currie). So we stood there and talked, the next thing I know I was asked to come back to Randall and Lori's place which I thought it couldn't get any rougher the area was dead in the hood. off El Camino and Howe, Bluebird lane. Dirty and bug infested.

  I think that night I was there well into the am hours, and I was in the band without them even hearing what I sounded like. I had the look I guess they were looking for. The singer that they had for "JESTER" was some huge guy and they wanted to move away from that. Remember it was all about looks back then. During this time spending time in that dirty bug infested place we wrote a song called "VIXEN" (which I actually use the chorus in a recent one I have recorded) and one I presented to the band musically and lyrically called "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT" as well as two they brought in from he old "JESTER" written by Cliff called "ROSE TATTOO" and "WOMEN IN LEATHER". The only bad thing with this band is we could NOT decide on or find a drummer. which for whatever reason be it Lori's input or what I don't know. We ran ads met tons of guys a guy who said he was the original "CITY KIDD" Drummer, he was kind of out there. I suggested my buddy from High school Paul Childs, but when he came out it was a disaster, which was unfortunate because he was my friend. Lori (she was a bitch, but I still liked her in more ways then one) but she posted an ad dissing Paul and his playing which I had no knowledge of until it had happen, which drove a wedge between me and Paul  (which it wasn't until recent times we patched it up I think, I hope?).

During this time we spent every minute together, one fond memory was Cliff, Randy, Lori and myself went down to San Francisco to see DAVID LEE ROTH at the COW PALACE with CINDERELLA opening this was 86 I think. when we checked into the Motel, Randy told me and Lori to go check us in because we were the most normal looking I guess looked more like a couple and I guess Tame. (Which wasn't the only time, another one later) We drove around S.F. went by the STONE and there was this cool store that had tons of rocker stuff. Lori loaned me her White Leather jacket which I wore around. So we get to the COW PALACE and get in early, back then it was GENERAL Admission you could get in and go anywhere you wanted. So we picked some seats and then Randy was like "let's go to the floor and get up next to the stage. I was reluctant, I mean hell I am only like 5'7" on a good day. but I didn't want to look like a pussy so I said cool. we got right up next to the stage and sat down, with others. 

  Then Randy is like "DUDE I gotta piss" and I was like "NO FUCKING WAY, as soon as you leave the show is going to start" and he was like "Dude we have plenty of time"... he was not more then 15 feet away and the lights went out. I looked at him in panic  and there was nothing he or I could do the crowd had pushed him out and me against the stage, well to be honest pushed me right into the ass of a girl in front of me, she didn't seem to mind. BOOM I was right in front of Jeff Lebar (the guitarist in CINDERELLA). his big Afro swaying back and forth. I stayed as long as I could smelling some sweaty dudes armpit in my face for a few songs. I made my way back to the guys and we watched the remaining show from the seats. the rest of the night is a blur, honestly I remember getting back to the motel room I think Cliff slept in the tub, Lori and I on the bed and randy maybe in a chair,, it was always weird between them.

     Next we tried out another buddy, Dan Hazlett from High school again. There was a definite divide, it was Lori and Randy's opinion against Cliff and My Opinion. yea Dan didn't have longhair and he was more into RUSH and PINK FLOYD then he was into Motley, but we were tired of not moving forward. So we said Dan's in and Randy and Lori said Randy's out and he quit. It sucked and I tried to stay in touch with them (more soon). So Cliff, Dan, myself and another high school buddy named Dave Edward (a.k.a Davy Blakk) on bass. we all had dye'd our hair Black and Blue Black by this time.. We also had changed the name too "NASTY" we had 10 songs, "R.I.P. (ripped into pieces)", "You'll take my love", "All I wanted" (which was my feelings towards Lori), "Rose Tattoo", "Women in Leaher", "Wild, Wild Girls", "Vixen", "Take it or leave it" and two covers "Posion's "Talk dirty to me" and Motley's "Piece of your action". we did record a practice which can be seen on the Video page.

   Things started to get stale even though we had moved forward and written songs, Cliff was weary of taking it out to clubs and I was tired of just rehearsing, we were getting nowhere.  So I took some stuff over to Randy and Lori and told them I wanted to leave and start a new band with Randall. I am not sure what Randy was doing at this time but he was up too see what could happen I think Lori had input on this. (What I have come to know about Randy is the women in his life control what he does, I don't understand it. I think he just likes to be medicated (pot) and just go along with whatever the woman he's with tells him to do. I still Like Randy even though there is a lot of bad history, More on that later). 

    So I searched and found a Guitarist and told the guys in NASTY I was leaving. It didn't sit well with Cliff we were buds and he felt I deserted him. it is unfortunate because I really did care about the guy, he was always so down on himself, but honestly he is one of the best Guitarist that I have EVER played with. Unfortunately I later found out when I went back to Sacramento that he had taken his own life, he was distraught over a girl that he was in love with and she just screwed him over,  it's a shame he was a great talent and missed.

    So the guitarist I found (Johnny Mills) we worked on some originals and when we were ready we rented the same practice place  we had been using it was called the Tavern. and we had Randy come down as well as a drummer (damn cant remember his name) we had 2 or 3 songs. at that time I think they were "I'm Fallin'" and You'll take my love" and a couple others maybe. we tried this a couple time. Then I got a call from Lori, she said Randy and I want to talk to you.. I was like oh shit this isn't good. So I went over to their place (it was a new place a decent apartment now off of Howe but in a better part. I got their and they said okay this is what were going to do. They said Randy is going to take Johnny, and they were going to introduce me to a band that is looking for a new singer.. and then we'll see how things go and go from there... I was like okay well what else can i do.. So that night Lori and her friend did my hair up so fucking high it was the definition of BIG HAIR there is a picture I have of that night. So we went over to this bands house, they were ALWAYS having a party. This house was called the PIT and that is what it was an empty shell they partied in and two bedrooms that they had dead bolted, so no one would destroy those area's. I think I met Colin first a six foot tall dude came into the kitchen where I was and I am pretty sure had a mouth full of alcohol and spit it on me. Lori and Randy introduced me to him, he and Randy already had some bromance at that time. then I met Billy and then Jimmy Tuttle the leader of BRATPAK it was his band, at first Jimmy was all into having me come out and try out. Didn't stick around too long at the party I have never been a party kind of guy. 

It was I OCT 9th the night before the MOTLEY CRUE Day on the green show down in Oakland, Johnny, Randy, Lori, her friend and I,  all went down to stay in Berkeley at one of Randy's buddies. This would be the first time I smoked pot, Randy was always shoving his Bong in my face saying come one man, this went all the way back to Jester, I said what the hell I wasn't going anywhere, so I took a big hit, coughed my ass off and said fuck that, I grabbed some pizza and went and joined Lori and her friend in a bedroom because I was gonna crash out. (NOTHING happened because I wasn't like that even though given the chance I would have done Lori in a heartbeat.) But morning comes and the three of us emerge from the room to applause from randy and everyone and I'm like dude nothing happened..  I think it would be at least a decade before I even tried it again. (pot that is)

    We took the BART system from Berkeley to the Oakland Colosseum where as luck would have it I ran into Billy, Colin and Jimmy, weird out of say 80,000 people we run into each other.. I don't even think I sang a note they just said okay dude your in, BUT we need to fire our singer I think they wanted me to do it. I didn't though. So we started practicing at an Italian restaurant called VINCE"S out in Elk Grove, CA we did a photo shoot there as well. They whole band did a couple vocal lessons up in Auburn by a lady who worked with TESLA. 

    It was at the practice place i met Tammy. Man I fell hard for her and she for me, and all the guys wanted to get with her. She was awesome a little petite thing, just gorgeous and I was hooked hard. I made out with her the first night we met.  wish I still was in contact with her today. Every guy like i said wanted her and even one night when I was too drunk to drive home, Jimmy and Tammy drove me home, one of them drove my car, but on the way back She told me Jimmy tried to make the moves on her. though she rejected him. Anyways the my very first gig and the first gig for BRATPAK with a new singer. it was a very eventful night to say the least.

 it was a Thursday night at THE LITE RAIL INN off of El Comino. a place I would play often. tis night Randy and Johnny were there watching us from the side of the stgae. I came out doing my thing, no real stage fright more excitement. Things I thought were going well but things were happening I wasn't seeing. The guys Jimmy and Billy would do the whole CINDERELLA Guitar flips and Billy did it and I was too close to him and his Warlock bass came down and caught me on the shoulder. hard but the adrenalin was rushing and I didn't feel it until later. another thing that happened was Jimmy flipped me off behind my back in front of the crowd.  which was to be expected jimmy is a dick and I've never liked him and on stage I was stealing his thunder.  So that didn't come as a surprise when the crowd told me after the show. as we finished the show the ABC raided the joint. there were a lot of underage kids drinking and fucked thing was Colin bolted out the door and his friends who were holding my car keys split. (Now remember this was before people had Cell phones). so here I am stranded at the club calling the only numbers I've got trying to get my car keys back.. I finally did around 3:30am but for my very first show it was cool.

 Here we are, we played Thursday night and I get a call from Colin on Sunday, he's like "Dude I need to talk to you", This is equivalent to a girlfriend saying we need to talk.. But I already had talked to Randy and Johnny the day before. They had told me that after seeing me perform they wanted me and Colin to come on board in Randy's new band called "JUSTICE". So I went down to the pit to meet with Colin, he's like Bro I need to tell you something..(the other guys weren't there Jimmy was the gutless leader and billy was just his follower.) He's like "Jimmy wants to fire you".. I looked at Colin and said Good, Because Randy and Johnny want you and me for Randy's new band "JUSTICE" I think Colin jizzed in his pants he was so excited I don't even know what he told jimmy and billy but he quit that moment. I Never did like Jimmy, and too this day I think he's a Douchebag. (and I have dealt with a Lot). No Idea what became of Billy.

  So it's around Nov. 1987 back then this was all we had, we practiced almost everyday into the wee hours of the morning. I was working at Tandy Leather Co. making $2.60 Minimum wages then. It was a laid back job, most of my time I spent making Stage clothing Belts, wrist bands etc.. Still have most of the things I still wear today. except for the stuff that band members stole. So I was able to practice well into the am and had to be at work around 10 am. I was rolling in my Red Feiro at the time, and working on songs we had 8 songs in JUSTICE that was it no more we just pounded these tunes out.. we practiced hard for about 2 months. When I found Johnny he was cool, but as time progressed we didn't see eye to eye. I was into Motley and he was into White Lion and Dokken he liked the higher range singers and I was No where near that. I've never claimed to be an awesome singer but I went out and got the job done. Besides that we ended up dating the same girl at the same time which I was dating first then he moved in, so that caused more problems, I dumped the skank and let him have her. 

   Like I said we had 8 songs, "I'm Fallin' ", "Outta the City", "Turn out the Lights", "Don't Get caught", "Please, Please me", "I didn't want to lose your love", You'll take my love" & "Like it or not" We were ready, our first Show was Jan i want to say 16th will have to find the flyer. But I do know it was our first show @ The LITE RAIL INN and we were on second. the first band was a band called KATT Z ROXX ( I really dug this band they were cool and the kind of band I wanted to be in) They had a fog machine and the look all glammed out. The bass player Larry had his bass head blown, so he asked if he could borrow Randys in return they would let us use their fog machine so he said yes. Also on the bill was a Band that I really liked called MACABRE SHOCKS they had a local EP out (still have two copies) this was for some reason their FINAL show. But it came time for us to hit the stage. we got dressed in a small dressing room it was like a small 3x5 room if that. behind the bar. cram 4 guys plus the other bands in there we were right on top of each other.

   We hit the stage I don't think our set list order ever changed the entire time. Opened with Outta the city and blazed through. During this time the guys in KATT Z ROXX left the fog machine running so we were shrouded in fog for like half the set.. (one guy thought the other guy was turning it off) You ever try breathing in that shit it's tough. We were fully interacting with the crowd, I remember Randy would take off through the crowd, Run across the Bar or be outside looking in through the small window. We also had around 20 poster's made we each got one. I still have mine. but the rest we would throw one out during each show. We thought we were the shit and for a small time we were. but it seems all things come to an end.

   We played the club circut with local bands like MANNEQUIN LAFF, TEASER, MATRIXX (who had the bass player from STOLEN in it, remember from earlier, ah Dee Daniels was his name). STRUTTER (not a kiss tribute band) they were formerly known as TUX, Bret the Guitar player would go on to be my Ex-Brother in Law.  He also had some playing history with Randy Jester and Bret's band "BLACK n WHITE" played shows together. There were a lot of other bands that we'd play with over the short period of time Justice was a band. Our main venue we played was the LITE RAIL INN, we did play a party in Davis, CA with a band named WINGS OF STEEL they were friends with Colin, he was a Davis local. At the LITE RAIL the Guys from TESLA would always be at the Bar, one time I was leaving the parking lot and Jeff Keith was so blazed he fell onto the hood of my Car.. I would also see guys from Northrup hanging there. ( I would later go on to record at Jeff Northrup's Studio). 

Almost forgot about this one, we played a place called "ANGEL'S" it was a rehearsal place but on Fridays and Saturdays he turned it into a Club, it was in the warehouse district down by the river before you headed over the causeway to Davis. We were playing with some band from Modesto, they weren't that good singer wise, I remember him trying to talk to the crowd and just came off as an Idiot, I think TEASER played the show as well. Their singer was the dude I replaced in BRATPAK he was cool and we got along fine. I remember where ever Lori was trouble followed, She was blonde and nice looking so guys would hit on her. This guy that night started hitting on her he was drunk and all handsy and I forgot my mic on stage as was looking for it when it all went down from the stage I see this dude messing with her and Randy, Colin and Johnny swarmed on this guy and started beating the living shit out of this guy, I mean they were body slamming and kick the dude while he lay on the ground, he crawled his ass out of the club no idea how bad he was injured, but he never came back.

    Unfortunate for me I wasn't a player I wasn't hooking up with a ton of women like most band guys, But I did hook up with this one girl at a JUSTICE show, she was Blonde and hot, she lived in Vacaville, CA and would come see us play with her friends. I remember taking her out and getting down in my Fiero, imagine if you know the size of a fiero they are a two seater, I had her legs up on the dash board and wind shield and just going at it, it wasn't comfortable, so we went back to my place and finished,, hahaha that was some rock star stuff too me, banging a girl in my sports car.. She was with me at what would be my last show with JUSTICE. I got us on this bill with STRUTTER and even got KATT Z ROXX on the bill as an opening band. It was at the PLACER COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS April 1988 (looking at the time from start to finish now doesn't seem like a long time, but back then everyday was a band day, rehearsing etc... So 5 months was like a lifetime in a band and turn around was quick.) the Show was awesome I had it video taped,  threw the last poster out, did it all. Then I got the Call from Lori, same as the one from Colin.. I went over to Randy and Lori's place everyone was there but Johnny. (Again me and Guitarist don't seem to get along for whatever reason, I guess I steal some of their thunder.) We were fine on stage like Nothing was wrong but once we were done we didn't speak.

Lori, Randy and Colin were there and they said Johnny wants you fired, I said but we have shows booked. They told me they had been practicing with a new singer and Colin re-wrote all the lyrics (which come to find out wouldn't be the last time Colin would do this too me). (The singer was fat and lousy and wore a choker looked like an Idiot.) I was like why can't we just get a new Guitarist and they said we'd have too re-write all the songs. (which was bullshit) So again I was fired, but within days of hearing this I would get a call. but back to JUSTICE, the next show I was suppose to do and was booked by me was STUTTER and JUSTICE  KATT Z ROXX opening it was the same show we just did in Roseville but this time at The LITE RAIL INN. I was there too Support my buddies in STRUTTER and KATT Z ROXX. I got up and sang HOUND DOG with George from KATT Z ROXX as well as did their lights and I did STRUTTER's Lights as well. and even though they fired me I did the lights for JUSTICE as well,  hell I knew the songs.

  So after doing HOUND DOG with KATT Z ROXX Larry the bands leader and bass player decided they didn't want George singing anymore and wanted me. (I really liked George to me he was a copy of Stephen Pearcy, but still good in his own way, there wasn't too many local bands I would go see but they were one of them)  I think Paul called me he was the guitar player in KATT. He said they wanted to fire George and have me as their singer. I was totally down for it, but the thing was we were doing ANY of the KATT songs Larry had a whole new set of songs.. We started rehearsing up in Marysville, CA.  I can't remember the amount of songs we had but there was at least 15 and we changed the name too "WIDOW" full pancake make-up like early motley crue.

   We did a Tascam recording  of 2 songs I believe I have one up on the site, the other one I have too find it. We did a photo shoot and got ready for our first and ONLY show that would end @ the Lite Rail. Prior to the show, the band went to a Concert I think it was WHITESNAKE 1988 we handed out flyers did the whole band thing. So when the night came for the show all the other bands dropped off the bill for what ever reason. It was a Sunday night and some punk band was put on the bill with us, they would bring black garbage bags full of stuffed animals and throw them out into the crowd during their performance, no idea they just did. So here you have a Punk band followed by a Hard Rock Band, this back then wasn't a good mix. oh and half the crowd paid to get in, then Jerry (I think that was his name let the rest in for free which didn't set well with the ones that had to pay.) SIDEMARK; the Bartender was named Julie, she was hot and I had the hots for her and she for me, but it never happened. But she got us booked there that night but she had to give Jerry head in order for us too play I later came to find out... So back to the show. The crowd was packed, and there was that feeling in the air, shit was going to happen, I'm sure you've felt that at least once before when everything is just right and something good or bad could happen.. We bad was on the menu that night. In the crowd were my sister, setting with Lori, Randy and Colin were on the side stage watching me again. They announce us'  something like you're either gonna love em or hate em, but you're never going to forget them WIDOW!" and Boom we hit the stage with a song "KILL FOR THRILLS" , then "THE KIDS ARE GONNA FIGHT" each one piling on energy, then "KICK DOWN THE WALLS and "SHOT 4 SHOT", by this time the crowd is really getting anxious, stuffed animals are flying at us on the stage and we're kicking them back into the crowd. We have Styrofoam heads all painted goth like on top of the Mains and scattered about the stage and Candelabras on top of the Mains LIT.. (this was way before the Great White Tragedy). I kicked a stuffed animal out into the crowd it hit Dwayne the singer from Drop Dead Gorgeous and he was like HEY, and I was like Sorry dude.. and the crowd was now on their feet and pushing back and forth. At this time Lori (yes the one that always has trouble right behind her) was getting into it with some drunk guy again. for some reason there was a Rubic's Pyramid (like the cube) and she picked it up and smashed it down on the guys head point first (since it was 3 points) Randy say this going on and tried to go around into the crowd but it was too tightly packed we barrel into "SCREAMER".. he jumps onstage and runs to the front as Lori and this guys is in a fight, the crowd pushes him back, and he picks up the middle monitor and smashes the dude in front of him over the head with it. and that was the lit fuse moment all hell broke loose at this point Colin followed Randy across the stage into the crowd, the Huge mains were falling forward into the crowd and so did the Lit Candles.

it was like total anarchy I remember 13 cop cars swarming the place and 1 ambulance for the dude Randy smashed. Colin kicked open the back door which had chains and locks on it in a running kick. people fled outward. we made it to  our 5th song and only made it half way through it. (you can hear the audio on the Video page). The cops were questioning everyone. I had my Microphone stole from the stage (so in turn I stole 2 club mics to replace mine) Shoved them into my boots. The owner was yelling "I want everyone searched, someone stole my Mics", I want right up to him and said yea some bastard stole mine too if you find it let me know.. I collected my shit and got the hell out of there. It sucks we as a band could have built on this event, The band that caused a Riot.. but no we went the other way. We broke up right after that show. So here I am again Bandless.

 But as fate would have it Lori called me up again and said Randy and Colin wanted to talk (this would be a re-a-curing thing through a long period in Sacramento for me and them). I went to meet then. they said Johnny quit and they wanted me back. (It sucked and I almost told them to fuck off, but I wasn't in a band so I said ok. Bad thing is we couldn't find that magic we had with Johnny. we got Paul from  TEASER, but after a couple practices I just wasn't feeling it, so I quit went in one day grabbed my equipment and walked out. At that time most all the bands in Sacramento were practicing in a storage units located off of Howe Ave. over by Cal Expo, we all had these 10x20 units, they were all decked out. we had multi levels, mirrors lined the walls you name it.. But yeah I left don't know what their reaction was as I just bailed on them kind of seemed right since they did this too me before. (The funny thing about Johnny was after he wanted me out so bad, he also began playing with a band called EMERALD CITY. and ended up fucking over Colin, Randall and the new singer, when he didn't show up for a show they had at some day festival. they were there waiting for him and he never showed. Just recently I hear Johnny had passed away from Cancer, which is sad and sucks, even though at the time I hated the guy. I never wished him any unfortunate thing like that. I thought the songs he and I came up with were awesome.) R.I.P. Johnny Mills

So once again I was without a band late 88, at some point I tried out for STRUTTER because Johnny Lords was thinking he just wanted to focus on bass, that is what he was before he switched to singer and they were looking for a bassist. SO I tried out for them. I loved their music still do, but I wasn't their style, they were more Bon Jovi and again I was more Motley harder edge stuff. Remember as I said back then days were like months, I put together some other bands at this time none of which went very far, if after a month or two and things were jelling I'd break it up. during this time there was "EMMA G" with the former guitarist of Pink Noize and the drummer was Dave I think. Then there was Liars and Thieves with a guitarist from L.A. named Kevin something? I had a bassist named Zakk (he never would give me his last name, he must have been wanted by the law or something and then on drums Rob. This again didn't last. Then came 1989.

In 89' I would meet the woman that would become my wife 2 years later, don't think it was early 89 more like midway through or late 89'. I also had put together the band "ANGOLA GREY" I don't recall how I came to know Troy Kreb must have been through an ad. but I picked him up and we got an old bass player I had before Brian Ferrall (from STRANGER days) and I asked Colin to come back on as the drummer. There was a second guitarist also named Troy but went by TJ. we did a photoshoot, recorded a whole practice (not sure if that VHS tape still is around) and we got our first and only show @ Club Me ( it was a gay bar during the day and rock club on weekend nights, you go into the men's bathroom an instead of naked chicks on the wall there were naked dudes. needless to say Colin and I did not get dressed up for this show we went on in street clothes and no makeup) we video'd this shows I still have it somewhere. it wasn't a good fit. Troy and Brian wanted to play more heavier stuff like Metallica and I wasn't heading that way, we broke up but I still remained friends with Troy.

  Now looking for a new band I recruited a friend from school Andy Lawson, he had been hanging around the bands and doing roadie stuff as far back as the JUSTICE show at the Placer Country Fair grounds gig. He was about 3 years younger then me, but had been getting good at guitar. I had moved out of my Parents house by now and living in the Birdcage Apartments, Troy and his mom lived there too. Andy would come over and we'd work on song after song. we threw around tons of names, but we ended on VAMP NASTE'. He had a Guitar student he brought on as a second guitarist, I can't remember his name, and I called in Zakk again to handle bass duties. and Andy and I found Tommy Jacobs for the drums, a tall lanky dude with a mop for hair long curly hair he fit the look. The only bad thing with this band is I was the ONLY veteran player, no one else had ever hit the stage, and it showed in the only show we played as a band. it was a good show, but not good enough the timing kept getting lost. People were merciless and started yelling at Tommy you suck and shit like that which wasn't cool. It didn't detour him he has gone on to play with some bigger bands in the Sacramento area and I still have him on my FACEBOOK friends. Andy too he went on to sing for the Sacramento area band H.U.R.T. not to be confused with the National act. I believe at the time of writing this, Andy has picked back up the guitar and is playing with Tommy. So this band played one show @ The Boardwalk in Orangevale CA we opened up for an all girl band named Tantrum. our set was comprised of 8 or 10 songs all originals, "You ain't that lucky (and I ain't that desperate) "You go your way" "Desperate world, Desperate times", " Hearts gonna break" "Fire at will",  "On the prowl"  and some others I can't remember right now. But after the show Andy and I decided to fire the other 3 guys and go in a different direction. this was Dec 1991.

 We started working right away at what would become "CATHOUSE THURSDAY" which is the name of an old western and a name I brought up to Andy, we chose that name. We added Colin on Drums and a second guitarist/ Bassist who's name I want to say was Scott, but could be wrong. we wrote and recorded "WELCOME TO THE CATHOUSE" , and "HEARTS GONNA BREAK" on a Tascam recorder. and wrote other songs like "SHOOT EM DOWN, "YOU'RE DIME, MY TIME" and a few more. But I was going through things with Barbara, my soon to be wife and Andy was pushing for me to be there more and things were just changing, and one night we were suppose to practice and my wife had a miscarriage and I was at the hospital, Andy called me jumping my shit and I said fuck you I quit! and that was it. I had, had enough of the Band BS and took a break, got married and had my first child a daughter named Stephanie in 92 and we decided to move from CA to CO and in Colorado I spent the next 8 years just working my normal job and having a son in 96 named Ryan. Though I always continued to write I did try to put bands together in CO but it was a whole different scene by then. Bret from Strutter now SANTTI used a couple of my songs for there new album. but it wasn't until 1999 when I decided to move back to CA with myself now being divorced in 2000 I returned home to CA.

After returning to CA, I started writing and writing, and came up with the name CRY ENVY and around 2003 I found Guitarist David O'Boyle who would become the 1st CRY ENVY guitarist, we got together and wrote 8 songs which we recorded and can be found (on the Audio page) But just as we were starting to put a band together. He dropped out of the band. I scraped the songs we had written and started writting again this time I came up with over 80 demo's (still have the disc's) at this time I contacted Bret Santti (my Ex-brother in law) and asked him if he'd be interested in helping me out. He was up for the project and I helped him move back up to Sacramento from Malibu. With Bret on board, I found out that Randall was also back in town (he'd been in L.A. playing for bands most notably MOTHER MERCY). and I contacted Colin. we met at a Der Wienershcnitzel I think and Bret and I sat down with Colin and Randy and asked them if they'd be interested in Joining the band. They joined this was around Oct 2004. When we met to practice I had brought all the songs in and we started practicing these would be the songs that made up the first CD minus a couple songs Like "LONELY" and a couple others.

   less then I would say 5 months later Bret told me he was going to step aside and start working on his own stuff, but would stick around until I got a replacement player. (now looking back I should never have asked Colin to be a part of my band, he has always had some problem with me, and always finds someway to fuck me over.. I mention this because it becomes an issue shortly). SO I put out an add for a guitarist, the only one that answers the add is Larry Oliver (aka Linus Oliver). He comes in and is a mediocre player at best, just because he hasn't played in a while. But for me he's the only guy that answered the ad. Colin and Randy we're against hiring him, but I was like look Bret's leaving and no one else is answering the ad's. So I asked Linus to join. (hiring him would later bite me in the ass). So here I am working my normal job, and working on building the band up, promoting, websites, flyers etc. everything out of my own pocket, never a dime from the other guys. The only time Colin gave money was for one run of T-shirts and that was $20.00 from him even though it was over $200 for the shirts, Linus and I paid the remainder, and when we recorded the first album Linus and I split the cost on this No one else fronted a dime. and that was over $1,200.00 for that recording.

    this line up was never secure, Colin was always drinking or drunk for what ever reason and Randy well he was controlled by his wife. ( I like and Liked Randall, I think he's misunderstood, but is controlled by whatever woman he is with.) and Colin well (Colin like I said has always had something against me for whatever reason, I think he has low self esteem, over the years when we did play together he'd always have to steal the spotlight, and he isn't the only one. but I honestly think he was always jealous of me, I was the singer, I had the better looking women & Girlfriends, had the sports car etc.. I never did anything for him to hate me but he always has for what ever reason). So we started playing shows and quite a few but tension started brewing and it was Colin. one night while drunk (a state too me he was always in) told Linus that he quit. Which was fine with me because I had grown sick of him once and for all. when Linus told me we actually were both happy that he quit, but now the problem was Randy we wanted him to stay, but his wife called me and bitched at me and said if Colin is gone Randy is gone.. and we just said bye then. This was in Feb of 2007.

 Now began the search for a New Bassist and Drummer. I placed two ad's again.. This time a drummer by the name of Shane Foxx (aka Chris Jamison)  contacted me. as did Alan Harrison on Bass, This time Chris was one of two drummers to contact me. we tried both guys out and both were good had them both back twice. The 1st drummer didn't learn what we had asked him to learn and Chris did, we went with Chris, Alan (who is a dear friend today) came in and started telling us how the songs went, when we were the guys that had written them as well as had been playing them for quite a while. ( Alan wasn't going to work) Chris said he knew a bassist and brought him over. his name was Steve Kohler (aka Ziggy) and with that we had our 2nd Full Line-up in place. We played a bunch of shows in a short span. We even played a Show opening for "F5" Dave Elfisens band. Unfortunately Chris didn't seem to be taking things seriously and we made the decision to let him go, and we brought in C.C. (Carlos Chitiva). C.C. jumped right in and on his second show opened for FASTER PUSSYCAT. We continued to play show after show as much and as many shows as we could. Linus and I wrote 9 new songs the Title track "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE" though linus seems too claim as he wrote it, it is a fact that the song came from an earlier song Andy Lawson and I wrote called "WELCOME TO THE CATHOUSE". but then again linus lacks originality, don't believe me cruise over to the video page and listen too "Welcome to the cathouse then check out "Welcome to my house on the Audio page. You can decide for yourself, and we were ready to start recording again. 

  We recorded a couple songs @ Godlike Studio's, but they were just okay, So we started to search for a new place to record. Linus and I weren't happy with the first recordings from The PUS Cavern. So Linus and I went on a search, we met with Jeff Northrup (JK Northrup) and ALIEN STUDIO's and just sat down and shot the shit, and he was a very cool dude. We told him we had to go talk to another studio and we'd be back in touch, Next we met Brian Wheat (bassist of Tesla at his studio.) and let me tell you he was a cock and had a major attitude. He told us "well if you only spend a $1,000.00 dollars that is what it is going to sound like and if you spend $10,000.00 it will sound like that. Linus and I looked at each other and said what a Dick, and I called Jeff right back as we walked to the car and said Dude we're going with you.

We started recording the 2nd Album "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE" at the 1st Alien studio in the back of Jeff's friends place. But early on Ziggy was beginning to become a problem we got a few tracks down and I told Linus it wasn't going to work because Ziggy was all over the place with his playing and being just a 4 piece band we needed just a solid bass player. But the breaking point came with Ziggy when we had a show booked (and I have NEVER EVER canceled a show EVER) and he said dude I am not going to be in town, you should have told me sooner. and I said we've known for 2 months and he continued to deny he knew. So I said to C.C. and Linus he's done and we fired him, bringing in C.C. friend and roadie to play bass (Just for one show). We did that show with him and the first thing he said when we were done was where's my pay, my cut.. I was like are you serious. we made $30 and that usually went back in the band for flyers etc... I was like he's your $7.50 don't bother coming back. 

   I had posted an ad prior to having C.C.'s friend fill in and we had one guy try out well a Kid, he was still way young. He went by Noti Bullets. I liked this kid, I wanted him to play the show instead of C.C.'s friend but the guys weren't convinced he could cut it. I came in and Said we're hiring Noti to be the bassist. The guys didn't like it. (bad thing with this is again I stuck my neck out and said this is the guy not too long from here I'll get screwed over). So we just hit the clubs hard, We got the recording done, I paid for some of the recording, but not very much as I was in and out of work. Linus ended up paying for the majority and told me that was fine (another lie I would come to find out from him). No one else put up any money. Also over this time we did a few more T-shirt runs with me paying for 2 runs and Linus helping out on the 3rd. each we're around $250.00 and over. (being in a band you are NEVER on the winning end of the money trail, you're always in the black oh shit which ever is bad red or black). So we played all over the greater Sacramento area and even down in Modesto. We also did the morning show thing. on the local ch 31 good morning Sacramento. we gave them our CD and they picked the song to do. we went on and played "YOU ON ME" hahaha I don't think they paid attention to the lyrics and with me you never really get a Clean song lyrically. We made it up to the Solo in the song before they cut us off and went to a commercial.

December 1st was approaching which is my birthday and I set up a B-day show. on the bill with us was PLEX and FEAR THE DAYS. I knew guys in both bands and asked them if they wanted to play it. There was a cake that was brought for me and people kept buying me shots I was hammered by the time I hit the stage. The guys inn PLEX were pissed well I should say Glen the singer he is and was kind of a tool, we'd call him Prince Charming because he looked like Prince Charming from SHREK, he'd always throw his hair back just like him too he's really into himself. I was seeing a Girl named Gina at the time of this show, which was good cuz I was blitzed. I did the show then went back stage where friends had the cake for me, which they smeared all over me, face, hair, belts (some of those belts still smell like cake). This was probably the last show where I was happy and I see now the cracks were starting.

  Feb 2008 we played at a bar called ON THE Y in Sacramento. This was the last show this line up would do. We had practice and I usually drove in with Linus, but he said he had something to do. So I got to the practice place on time but the guys weren't there finally when they came in they said we're firing you. and I said the FUCK you are this is my band and you can go fuck yourselves. I created this band NONE of you are even remotely close to being an original member. I looked at Noti and said dude they didn't even want you in the band I fought for you to be in this band and he said "that's not what they said, they said you didn't want me in the band." So here was my first clue to the kind of person and man Linus is. he's really a piece of shit and a back stabber that hides behind his so called religion. He had taken everything that was true and turned everything around to suit him. C.C. and Noti believed everything he had told them. which to this day I think they still believe him. (They went on to form a SHITTY band named "Sucker punch" which is what they did to me). To this day there are some people that you can forgive and move on. But Linus is dead to me and a major COCK Sucker in my book plus he can't write music to save his soulless soul (the second albums songs wouldn't have been written if I hadn't already had the lyrics and sang him the melodies, (I have a new song that is about him and others it's called "SHUT UP, SHUT UP (Give me a reason") the pre-chorus is "I'm gonna dance at your funeral, you know, you know you know, I'm gonna piss on your grave, I'm gonna piss on your grave".) LOL, it's therapy for me and that isn't even what I truly want to say to that cock sucker. He even had the gull to say he had copy written the name CRY ENVY that he had NOTHING to do with nor was even around in 2003 when I came up with the name Nobody was there, I had it even before David the first guitarist was on board. and to me Colin is right there with him, along with Jimmy he's a worthless asshole as well. You do meet and deal with a lot of assholes, bottom dwelling scum and drama queens while working in bands. You should always watch your back because some LESS talented asshole will always try to screw you over for whatever insecure reason they have.

    I packed up all my shit and left the practice place, all along telling them too fuck off. (I have a couple songs written that are directed towards Linus. from the 3rd disc "You're my dirty one" that song is called "LIVIN TO LOSE" and most recently "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, (JUST GIVE ME A REASON). Colin and some other musicians that I have played with kind of a ode to all the asshole musicians I have had too deal with over the years). So AGAIN here I am left without members but this time I am the band and I have my songs, and Even though the Second Album's worth of songs would NEVER have been written if I hadn't sung the songs to Linus because he has NO EAR for writing anything on his own. He said I couldn't play any of the songs, BUT by law I wrote 50% of each of the 9 songs the 10th song was all me. But I was so pissed at him I didn't want anything to do with them anyways at the time. I guess looking back I should have been more selective on the musicians I hired, If I would have gone with Randy and Colin's refusal to hire linus I would never of had to deal with him. That was a wasted 3 years.

   Besides I had more songs anyways as I had started recording songs that he rejected, or never heard. I ran an ad yet again (it's a story that continues to repeat itself) a guitarist from Woodland contacted me named Eric Wells (aka Eric Soprano) He was a shy kind of guy, he could rip on Leads, but needed to work on his Rhythms (even this was something he said. He would become the longest running Guitarist in CRY ENVY up until the Break. So Eric was in. Alan Answered again and though I had issues with him the last time I sat down and talked to him about it. Al is a great guy, but very opinionated and likes to think he has all the answers, when he may not. But I still love the dude and a good friend. and the Drummer that came in was Mike Emmons he was just getting back into it, but the thing was he was the only guy to answer the drummer spot. I set up a practice at The Kennel Club where I was in pretty good with Tom the owner. it was a Thursday night before opening and I had all the guys meet, none of them knew this was the first practice for all of them.. I remember Eric being soooo pissed at Alan, because Alan kept telling Eric he was doing it all wrong (typical Alan move) lol. Eric bit his tongue because he thought he had been there a long time. later when I told Eric he was like man if I knew that thing I would have went off on him. 

Our 1st show with this line up was at the BLUE LAMP the only time I played this venue, it was downtown sac. and more of a weird crowd eclectic I would say. it went okay but they our next show was at CLUB RETRO which was a church turned into Rock venue at night. and you couldn't cuss and they wanted you too pray with them before any of the bands went on. I should know NEVER to play a Church venue. I mean come on when I am singing songs like  "SHE'S GOT ME (ON HER LIPS) and "TIP OF MY TONGUE" its kind of tough too watch what I am saying lyrically. It was a tough show to get through. Mike was a nice guy, he got engaged right after he got in the band, i don't think he was cut out for the kind of band CRY ENVY was and is. and he had some timing/memory issue.