After a Few years of Hiatus I have decided to put together a New Band of Players, since releasing my Catalog of Music WORLDWIDE. I am looking for the following Serious Musicians only; 

1st Lead & Rhythm Guitarist - w/Backing Vocal ability
2nd Lead & Rhythm Guitarist  -w/Backing Vocal Ability
Bassist - w/Backing Vocal ability

Drummer - w/Backing Vocal Ability
If you have checked out my music you then know the style, with that in mind I am looking for like minded players. Those who join will be expected to LOOK like they belong in the same band. No weird off the wall attire that doesn't fit the look or direction of band. When it comes to what I am looking for in musicians is as follows;

  • No Drug addicts
  • No Alcoholics 
  • I need team players that will embrace my vision of what I have been doing for Decades in multiple states.
  • Players can be either Male or Female 
  • Being able to Play and Sing back-ups are a definite PLUS.
  • I need each member to be visually Exciting and Entertaining while performing.  
  • Must have transportation
  • Must be able to perform multiple + times in a month.
  • Must be willing to rehearse a couple to few nights a week. (at my place, location will be given at a later date to those chosen).
  •  Long hair is NOT a requirement, Again you just need to look as though you belong in the make-up of the band.
  • This band is an ORIGINAL Band (But there may be a need to perform some covers to get some larger gigs. The Covers will NOT be your typical cover songs though. And will need to fit my range. I don't care much for covers myself but may be a necessary evil for gig purposes around these parts.) More to follow on that. 
  • I have at the current time 30 released song worldwide that is from 3 albums plus a couple singles. This is only a part of what I have, I am ready to release ALBUM #4. Once I get the right players that I want to perform with and record with.
  • I TAKE my Music Serious and expect those I play with to do so as well. I am not hard to work with but I am driven to work on the original music and perform Live as much as possible. As well all you know in music and bands you need a hard outer shell or this shit will eat you up. So I need people who are dedicated. 
  • I am not opposed to working with others on New Original music (accept Lyrics, Those I do a 100% myself, mainly a memory thing.) With that being said anyone who is in, or spends time in CRY ENVY and composes a new Tune. That we as a Band perform will continue to be a CRY ENVY song, with Credit given to the composers of said songs, as well as any Monetary compensation that is brought in by Album or digital sales. Even if that composer leaves or is Fired. It will or could remain a song CRY ENVY plays. Keep that in mind when presenting ideas. Just a legal matter to get out of the way.

My Location is in the NORTHEAST Corner of Oklahoma,Grove OK to be exact. I'm Close to Joplin MO, Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville, Rogers & Fayetteville) and a Little farther to the southwest is Tulsa.

Those interested please inquire below. Please include the following items;

  • Your given instrument you play?
  • A link to a site with your playing
  • A link to a site with a current picture of yourself
  • Can you sing back up?
  • How many years you've been playing?
  • How many gigs/ Live Shows you've performed?
  • Have you ever recorded professionally?
  • Your Age?
  • Your Equipment/ Gear ?
  • Bands that made you want to play?
  • Music styles you prefer to perform?
  • Are you willing to Dress the part?
  • Where are you located?
  • Keeping in mind there is No pay other than GIG/Show Money.
Please NOTE; That experience is NOT a Deciding Factor, It helps but you could be a fresh face with something great to offer. 

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