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'''CRY ENVY'''

 There have been many line-ups in CRY ENVY here is that History

The Beginning;                                                                                                                                                        David O'Boyle - 03'/04' - 1st Guitarist (Recorded 8 demo's CRY ENVY infancy stage)

Full Band 1st Line-up                                                                                                                                                Colin Stambusky - 04'/06' - 1st Drummer (played drums on NEVER SAY PLEASE)
Randall Justice - 04'/06' - 1st Bassist (played bass on Never Say Please)
B.S. - 04'/05' - 2nd Guitarist (was in band for 6 months and honed songs, but left before we began recording)

2nd Full Band Line-up;                                                                                                                                              Colin Stambusky on Drums - 04/06'                                                                                                                        Randall Justice on Bass 04/06'                                                                                                                                  Linus Oliver on Guitar 05'/08' 

3rd Full Band line-up;                                                                                                                                              Shane Foxx (a.k.a. Chris Jamison) - 06'/06' (3 months) - 2nd Drummer
Steve (Ziggy) Kohler - 06'/07' - 2nd Bassist (recorded tracks on WELCOME TO MY HOUSE, but were later erased and re-recorded with Noti Bullets and JK Northrup)
Linus Oliver - 05'/08' - 3rd Guitarist (Recorded NEVER SAY PLEASE & WELCOME TO MY HOUSE )

4th Full Band Line-up;
C.C. (Carlos Chitiva)- 06'/08' - 3rd Drummer (Recorded WELCOME TO MY HOUSE)                                                              Steve (Ziggy) Kohler on Bass 06/07'                                                                                                                            Linus Oliver on Guitar 05'/08'

5th Full band line-up;                                                                                                                                                C.C. (a.k.a. Carlos Chitiva) on Drums 06'/08'                                                                                                              Noti Bullets - 07'/08' - 3rd Bassist (Recorded some tracks on WELCOME TO MY HOUSE)                                                Linus Oliver on Guitar 05'/08'

6th Full Band Line-up;                                                                                                                                                Mike Emmons - 08'/08' (5 months) - 4th Drummer                                                                                                    Alister Coxx (a.k.a.Alan Harrison)- 08'/2010 was off and on - 4th Bassist                                                                            Erikk Soprano (a.k.a Eric Wells & Erikk Ferrari) Guitarist 08/2010 4th Guitarist

7th Full Band line-up;                                                                                                                                                  Whacked out drummer METH head Scott -5th Drummer  08'/08'                                                                                        Alan Harrison on Bass 08'/2010'                                                                                                                                  Erikk Soprano on Guitar 08/2010'

8th Full Band Line-up;                                                                                                                                              Erikk Soprano - Guitarist 08/ to 2010 - 4th Guitarist - Finished the California version of CE                                              Adam Christii - April 09' - July 09' 6th drummer                                                                                                         Chris Michaelz - April 09' - July 09' 5th Bassist

9th Full Band Line-up;                                                                                                                                              Erikk Soprano on Guitar 08/2010                                                                                                                             Adam Christii on Drums 09'/09'                                                                                                                                  Alan Harrison on Bass 08'/2010'

10th Full Band line-up;                                                                                                                                              Erikk Soprano on Guitar 08'/2010'                                                                                                                             Chris Jamison 7th Drummer 2010/2010 - Finished the California version of CE                                                                   Alan Harrison 6th Bassist 09/2010 - Finished the California version of CE

11th Full Band Line-up; (Same Line-up as the 10th except we added)                                                                            Ace Blackstone as a 2nd Guitarist to the Line-up 2010/2010' becoming a 5 piece band.

In ALL versions the ONLY constant was myself Brian (Roxxy)Riggins 2003 - Present

Brian Roxxy Riggins- Founder, Creator & Singer - ONLY Singer

A little CRY ENVY history

CRY ENVY was created by Brian Roxxy in 2003, coming up with the name in 2003 and writting songs which would become the staples of the Cry Envy sound. The first Guitarist to work with Brian on this band was David O'Boyle, later David quit opening the door for B.S. (as he will be refered too as he doesn't want to be associated with this band) to become the Official first Cry Envy guitarist. Brian also asked former friend and drummer Colin Stambusky to help out and Bassist Randall Justice as well in 2004. By 2005 B.S. decided to move on with his solo project and Linus Oliver was brought in as the 3rd guitarist to play for Cry Envy. In 2005 the 1st Cry Envy CD was recorded called "Never Say Please" containing 9 songs.

This CD was recorded in 2 - 10 hour days,@ The PUS Cavern in Sacramento CA. with some additional Mixing and still wasn't exactly what the guys wanted. (Poor quality on the engineers part) But still they got some decent reviews from Webzines across the world.

See the following for Reviews and interviews;


Tracks for '''''"NEVER SAY PLEASE"''''' hear these @

1. '''Tell it like it is''' - Music & Lyrics by, Brian Roxxy
2. '''Down, Down''' - Music by, L. Oliver & Lyrics by, Brian Roxxy
3. '''Take my Heart''' - Music by B. Roxxy & B. S., Lyrics by B. Roxxy
4. '''She's got me''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by, B. Roxxy
5. '''A love to last all time''' - Music by, B. Roxxy & B.S., Lyrics by B. Roxxy
6. '''Never Say Please''' - Music & Lyrics by, B. Roxxy
7. '''She leaves the lights on''' - Music & Lyrics by, B. Roxxy
8. '''Turn me on''' - Music & Lyrics by, B. Roxxy
9. '''Tip of my tongue''' - Music by, B. Roxxy & B.S., Lyrics by, B. Roxxy

All Bass - Randall Justice                                                                                                                                               All Drums - Colin Stambusky                                                                                                                                        All Guitars - Linus Oliver                                                                                                                                              Lead Vocals - Brian Roxxy                                                                                                                                      Backing Vocals - Randall, Colin Stambusky, Linus Oliver & Brian Roxxy

NEVER SAY PLEASE was recorded in the Summer of 2005 taking a matter of 2 back to back 10 hour days to record @ The PUS Cavern in Sacramento, CA


After many more line-up changes, a 2nd CD was recorded in 2007/08 called "Welcome to my house", but this CD would never come to see the light of day as the guitarist took the music to 9 of the 10 songs in a band split, leaving Brian to rebuild the band once again.

1. '''Welcome to my house''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
2. '''Get a little naughty''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
3. '''How could I''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
4. '''Outlaw''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
5. '''She leaves the lights on''' -  ''Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy '''ALSO on the 1st CD'''''
6. '''It's all about you''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
7. '''Up to no good''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
8. '''Nothing I can Do''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
9. '''You on me''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy
10. '''Friends under cover kissing''' - Music by, L. Oliver, Lyrics by B. Roxxy

All Bass - Noti Bullets                                                                                                                                                  All Drums - C.C. (a.k.a) Carlos Chitiva                                                                                                                              All Guitars - Linus Oliver                                                                                                                                            lead Vocals - Brian Roxxy                                                                                                                                      Backing Vocals - Noti Bullets, C.C. Linus Oliver, Brian Roxxy & JK Northrup

I just have to say that the Songs on this Album were created by me in the sense that the MUSIC was written around the already Finished Lyrics and Melodies. No matter how much Linus wants to say he wrote the music. I'll give him the fact that he put together the music around what I sang him. and as far as a song goes it is broken down in Percentage, 50% of the song is Music the other 50% is the lyrics and that makes up 100% of a song that can be divided up differently depending on who helps write music or lyrics additionally. but in this case it was a 50/50 thing. Now these original compositions as I stated were written with me bringing in the Lyrics and Melody.  So NO Matter who comes after me and or re-writes the Lyrics, it does not matter because the ORIGINAL writing process had already been done. That would be like a Famous song being re-worded. That wouldn't change the ORIGINAL Song and who still gets credited.

Recorded @ Alien Studios Carmichael, CA - Engineered by JK Northrup recorded between 07'/08'


From 2007 through 2010 I recorded Myself (Brian Roxxy) @ Alien Studio's for the Album that I have labeled "YOU'RE MY DIRTY ONE" These Tracks were all written by me with the exception of a cover of "Maggie May" originally written by Rod Stewart in the early 1970's. The Tracks are the following as recorded what may be released may be different;

1. "Lost Souls" (by Brian Roxxy music/keys by JK Northrup)                                                                                            2. "Livin' to lose" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                           3. "You're my dirty one" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                  4. "We could be (meant to be)" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                        5. "All your lovin' (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                           6. "I'll be the one" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                            7. "I want your.... Sex" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                    8. "Over you" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                                  9. "Dead in California" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                      10. "Give it to me" (Music & Lyric's by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                          11. "Maggie May" (Written by Rod Stewart)

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 8 & 11 All Rhythm, Bass and Drums by JK Northrup                                                                                    Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 11 Leads by JK Northrup                                                                                          Track 5 intro lead by Erikk Soprano                                                                                                                          Tracks 5, 6, 7 Bass by Alan Harrison                                                                                                                                  Tracks 3, 5, 9, 10 Rhythm's by Brian Roxxy                                                                                                                 Lead Vocals - "All by Brian Roxxy"                                                                                                                                 Backing Vocals on tracks 5, 6 & 7 JK Northrup, Alan Harrison, Erikk Soprano & Brian Roxxy                                               Backing Vocals on 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 JK Northrup & Brian Roxxy


The 4 Full studio recording are the Following (STILL TO BE RELEASED) Working Title "It's a Little Raw"

1. "All Dressed up (no place to go)" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                 2. "C'mon, C'mon, C'mon" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                              3. "D.T.F."  (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                                     4. "Go Down" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                                5. "Feel's so good" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                          6. "Got love for me (Honey Bee)" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                     7. "Pretty tore up" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                           8. "Shut up, Shut up (Give me a reason)" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                           9. "Vixen" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)                                                                                                                    10. "I wanna Kill your pussycat" (Music & Lyrics by Brian Roxxy)

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 All Leads, Rhythm & Bass by Brian Roxxy.                                                           Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Drums by Dom (Paid Studio musician)                                                                         All Tracks Vocals and Backing Vocals by Brian Roxxy

'''''Contacts & Websites'''''                                                                            

 Previous Shows CRY ENVY has Played.

1st show - The Owl Club - Roseville CA. July 18th 05'

2. The G Street Pub - Davis CA Aug 20th 05' w/Rubberside Down

3. The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA. Sept 22nd 05'

4. The Roadhouse - Sacramento, CA Oct 22nd 05'

5. The Town Pump - Yuba City, CA. NOV. 18th 05'

6. The Roadhouse - Sacramemto, CA JAN 14th 06'

7. The Roadhouse - Sacramento, CA. FEB 17th 06' (last show of the original Line-up)

8. The Roadhouse - Sacramento, CA. June 16th 06' (Ziggy & Shane line-up) w/Prylosis & The fetch.

9. The Owl Club - June 23rd 06' w/The Vinnie Johnson Band

10. The Kennel Club - Sacramento, CA. June 7th w/"F5" (1st Appearence here)

10. The Kennel Club - Sacramento, CA.  July 22nd 06'

11. The Roadhouse - Sac, CA. July 28th w/Necro Beach (last show for Shane)

12. The Powerhouse Pub - Folsom, CA. "ROCK WARS" 08/23/06 - w/Brand X Savior, Cardboard Ringo (C.C.'s 1st Show).

13. The Kennel Club - 08/25/06 - Sac, CA. w/FASTER PUSSYCAT.

14. The Kennel Club - 09/22/06 Sac, CA. w/ Aftershocker & M!SS CRAZY

15. The Town Pump - Yuba City - 10/21/06 w/Southbound & Formerly known as

16. The Kennel Club - 3/17/07 - St Patty's day

17. The Silo - 05/04/07 - Davis Campus Davis CA. w/Aftershocker

18. The Roadhouse Sac, CA. - 05/10/07 - w/Dirty Penny

19. On the Y - Sac, CA. 05/12/07 (ziggy's last show)

20. The Roadhouse - Sac, CA - 06/22/07 - w/Dirty Penny & Plex (fill in bassist Eric Peterson)

21. The Roadhouse - Sac, CA. 07/20/07 w/Plex (Noti's first Show)

22. FAT CAT - Modesto, CA 07/23/07 w/Asagio, Keden & Desperate Therapy

23. The Branding Iron - 07/28/07 - Olivehurst, CA. w/Plex and After the Silence.

24. Ch# 31 Good day Sacramento, TV Broadcast - 08/15/07 performed "YOU ON ME" cut off before we finished.

25. The Kennel Club - 09/15/07 w/Bell Tower Snipers & Blue Hail

26. The Speakeasy - Downtown Sac, CA "ROCK WARS" 09/28/07

27. The Roadhouse "Noti's Birthday Show" 09/29/07 

28. The Branding Iron - Olivehurst, CA. - 11/17/07 w/Two Word Name & March into Paris

29. The Townhouse lounge - Downtown Sac, CA - Brian Birthday Bash 12/01/07 w/"Fear the days & Plex"

30. The Kennel Club - Sac, CA. 01/05/08 w/Compression & No Reasons

31. The Roadhouse - Sac, CA. 01/18/08 w/Kickstarter & Split Self

32. The Branding Iron - Olivehurst, CA. - 01/19/08 w/Wicked Sensation & No Reasons

33. On the Y - 02/01/08 Sac, CA. w/Shadowbox Theory & Sejjeen (Last show with Oliver, C.C. & Noti on board)

34. CLUB RETRO. 05/08/08 The Return of CRY ENVY - ALL AGES w/Eric Soprano - guitar/ Alister Coxx Bass & Mike Emmons Drums

35. The Blue Lamp - Downtown Sac, CA. 05/30/08

36. On the Y - 0/07/08 - Sac, CA w/Prieta, Redone & Facedown

37. The Kennel Club - Sac, CA. - 06/19/08 (1st show of Hard Rock Thursday we ran - HRT) w/ Trigger Effect

38. HRT @ The K.C. - 06/26/08 w/Same Time

39. HRT @ The K.C. - 07/03/08 w/Shy Tiger

40. The Kennel Club - 07/05/08 - Sac, CA. w/Redone & M!SS CRAZY

41. The Kennel Club - HRT- 07/10/08 - Sac, CA.  w/CON of MAN

42. HRT - 07/17/08 - Sac, CA. w/Dethbed (last show w/Mike Emmons on Drums)

43. The Kennel Club - Sac, CA. 12/27/08 w/ASH BLACK (1st Show w/Scotty G.)

44. Uglys - Citrus Heights, CA. 01/10/09 w/Dave battles Life & SHOTBLAST

45. Uglys - 01/23/09 -Citrus Heights under the name - Bullets 'n' LUST w/ ASH BLACK

46. On The Y - 01/24/09 Sac. Us and Sensual Saint

47. Ugly's - 02/14/09 - Citrus Heights - w/80sixxed

48. Uglys - 05/01/09 - Citrus Heights, CA w/BACKBONE & BYPASSING OBLIVION Adam and Chris' 1st show. "Set List" 1. Turn Me On - 2. She leaves the lights on - 3.Anytime Loneliness Calls * - 4. Tell it like it is - 5. Cathouse * - 6. Living to lose (R) - 7. Hearts gonna Break * - 8. She's too high * - 9. You're my dirty one (R) & 10. Tip of my tongue.

* = Debut performance - (R) A solo tune from The Roxxy Stuff.

49.  Kennel Club - 05/08/09 - Sac. CA - *Short Notice Show* Played with ASH BLACK & DAVE BATTLES LIFE.

50. Pinkys Bar & Grill - 05/16/09 - Nicoulas CA DAY SHOW w/Split Self & Sensual Saint

51. UGLYS - 05/23/09 - Citrus Heights, CA - w/ASH BLACK & Rude Intoxicant

52. Corner Pocket - 05/27/09 - Citrus Heights, CA - Short set/Open Mic

53. ON THE Y - 05/29/09 - Sacramento, CA w/Bypassing Oblivion, Animish & The Final Heist

54. VEGA'S - 06/06/09 - Sacramento, CA -  910 2nd St. w/White Minorities & Sevenfootfetish

55. EVOLV - 06/12/09 - Sacramento, CA 7042 Folsom Bvld. w/ZERO for ZERO & Lite Brite

56. VEGA'S - 06/17/09 - Sacramento, CA 910 2nd St. w/Bypassing Oblivion & Jolly Roger

57. ON THE Y - 07/17/09 - Sacramento, CA 670 Fulton Ave. w/ ASH BLACK - BIRTHDAY SHOW Adam's

58. UGLYS - 09/26/09 - Citrus Heights, CA 7691 Auburn Blvd. Adam's Last appearence. Alister on Bass.

59. CLUB RETRO - 02/06/10 - Orangevale, CA w/POISIN'D Debut'd "PRETTY TORE UP" - Chris Jamison back on Drums

60. UGLYS - 02/19/10 - FREE SHOW w/Twitch Angry Premired "MONKEY SEE (now changed to What'Cha See) & "PLAY DEAD FOR ME"

61. The SHIRE ROAD CLUB - 03/19/10 - 5525 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA w/Amber Dawn, The Cosmonauts & Adhara. Debut'd the cover song "Com'on and love me" by KISS

62. KONCERT for KASMIR 03/20/10 @ The Moose Lodge 506 Lincoln St. in Roseville, CA w/Steve Mahoney's Posse, (& Skylar Thomas) Tag your Dead, Panik, Darkside Shine, Bloody Roots, Chop Shoppe & Prylosis (we raised over $3,000 dollars for her kids!).

63. @ UGLYS 7691 Auburn Blvd. Citrus Heights, CA 4/23/10 with ADHARA Erikk's Birthday Show.

64. @ DREAMERS 5340 Auburn bvld, Sacramento, CA - Only CRY ENVY w/Ace Blackstone as Guest Rhythm Guitarist (5 Piece).

65. Party Show @ Eric & Terri's House - Only CRY ENVY and Shut down by POLICE 7 songs into set. 05/08/10

66. 06/25/10 @ UGLYS


There were an ADDITIONAL 9 shows played under the name ROXXY. Making the CRY ENVY Total shows up to 76 Shows. shows at UGLY's & The Shire Road Club.  


David O'Boyle  1st Guitarist - 2003 - 03' / Not in music any longer

B.S. - 2nd Guitarist / 1st Official Nov 04' - April 05' currently last known was playing in a country band, in Sacramento 01/18

Colin Stambusky - 1st Drummer Nov. 04' - Feb 06' - Currently playing in his band GLUG 01/18

Randall Justice - 1st Bassist Nov. 04' - Feb 06' - Currently no idea as to where he is or doing 01/18

Linus Oliver - 3rd Guitarist April 05' to Feb 08 - Currently playing for Bass in a Country band in Sacramento 01/18

Shane Foxx (a.k.a) Chris Jamison - 2nd Drummer April 06' - Aug 06' - Currently playing in a Cover band 01/18

Steve (Ziggy) Kohler - 2nd bassist April 06' - April 07' - No current info 01/18

Eric Peterson - 1 Time Bassist for a Gig in May 07' - Not sure

Carlos (C.C.) - 3rd Drummer Aug 07 - Feb 08' - Currently Drummer for ROSWELL Sacramento CA 01/18

Noti Bullets - 3rd Bassist - May 07' - Feb 08' -Currently in The RED COBRA'S - 01/18 in San Francisco, CA

Mike Emmons - 4th Drummer - April 08' - Sept 08' - currently no idea as to his whereabouts. 01/18

Al'ster Coxx  (a.k.a) Alan Harrison - 4th Bassist - April 08' - Jun 2010' Currently playing for a variety of bands including "CHOP SHOP" & MAVIS" 01/18

Eric Soprano (a.k.a) Eric Wells & Erikk Ferrari - 4th Guitarist - April 08'/Jun 10' - Current with Resurrection of Ruin Sacramento CA 01/18

Un-named Psycho dick head 5th Drummer- Nov 08 - Feb 09 Unknown and Don't care 01/18

Chris Michaelz 5th Bassist April 09 - July 09 - Unknown 01/18

Adam Christii 6th Drummer April 09 - Sept 09 - Last known Area was in L.A. CA 01/18

Ace Blackstone 5th Guitarist added as a 2 piece guitar attack. for the last 3 or 4 shows. - Currently in Longmont CO doing his own project "BLACKSTONE" 01/18



The Reason I list ALL the musicians is to give them credit. They were a part of CRY ENVY and to show that I thank all of them for being a part of it at one point or another as the band has grown. There are reasons that ALL are FORMER members. Not to air all the dirty laundry, but most are Musicial Differences as most bands list and it really comes down to that.

It's all Drama!

Other Band Live shows;

JUSTICE - 1st show JAN 16th 1987 @ The Lite Rail Inn w/KATT Z ROXX & MACABRE SHOCKS

about a half dozen other shows at The Lite Rail Inn will find the dates here are some dates I recall

Friday April 22nd w/ Marquis & from L.A. Tara @ The Lite Rail Inn.

Last JUSTICE Show April 30th? @ Placer County Fair Ground w/ KATT Z ROXX & STRUTTER


WIDOW - @ The Lite Rail Inn (Closed/ Final Show and the Only Show by WIDOW Oct? 1988


ANGOLA GREY - @ CLUB ME 1989 (Only Show)


VAMP NASTE' - @ The Boardwalk Dec. 1991 (Only Show)


ROXXY - played 9 Shows (off shoot of CRY ENVY) 2009/10'



ACR played about a dozen or more shows in the Sacramento Area from Jun 2010 to May 2011 Then ACR picked up in Denver CO in 2011 and ended in 2013 playing over 20 plus gigs numerous times at venues such as; 

The Lions Lair (1), Herman's Hideaway (2), Cheers (1), The Pit Stop (1), The Oriental Theater (1), Peak 31 (3x one time opening for BANG TANGO), Juggs (1), The Church (1), The Toad Tavern (4+), Angelo's Records (1), The Buffalo Rock (1) (Not Rose this was their sister club), Ecks (1), and some others that escape my memory at the current time. 

JUNE 15th 2018 ACR played BAR BAR in Denver CO as a reunion Show with Randall Martinez on Drums and Moses Martinez on Bass. Ace Blackstone on Guitar and myself Brian Roxxy on Vocals 

 A little more BAND History lession - in depth.

Created and Founded by, Brian Roxxy in 2003. Brian came up with the name in Oct. 2003 while searching for a name not in use, what better then something people know. People know how to cry and most people at some time have been envious, hence CRY ENVY came into play.

Brian began searching for members and in 2003 recorded 8 songs with the 1st semi-official guitarist David O'boyle. The songs were called "Eyes on you", "She's my poison", "Blow by Blow", "Let us prey", "Fire at will", "She's afraid", "Tattooed lies" & "Run hard, Run away". This proved to be a short period in time and Brian went on to search out new musicians as David didn't have the time needed to devote to CRY ENVY.

Brian then called on a couple of old friends, Brian's former Brother-in-law, B.S. on Guitar (2nd G.), Colin Satmbusky on Drums (1st D.) and Randall Justice on Bass (1st B.). With around 12 new songs 7 of which would make the 1st CD. This line-up started rehershing and as they approached the time to record and start playing live shows, Bret decided to leave the band. But he would stay until we found a replacement.

In April/May of 2005 Linus Oliver (3rd G.) was brought into the band, though Colin & Randall wasn't too into his playing Brian decided he was the man for the spot. Linus brought in 2 songs for the 1st Recording, "Down, Down" & "She's got me". This line-up went on to play until FEB of 06' When it came clear that Colin was no longer happy in CRY ENVY and in a drunking state told Linus he quit. With Colin quiting the band Randall followed suit. So Brian and Linus began there search for a new Rhythm section.

In April of 06' They found Shane Foxx on Drums (2nd D)   and he brought along Steve (Ziggy) Kohler on Bass (2nd B.) This line-up lasted until Sept. 06' when Carlos (C.C.) (3rd. D) was brought into the band and his second show was opening for "FASTER PUSSYCAT". This line-up would go on until April of 07' when Ziggy was let go and Noti Bullets was brought in (3rd Bassist). This version stayed intact until FEB of 08' When Linus, C.C. and Noti left to pursue there own band.

Brian then began his search for new better musicians for re-invent CRY ENVY in the vision he had always had and not let it slip away as it had been going with the previous version. In MARCH of 08' Brian recruited, Eric Soprano on Guitar (4th G.), Alister Coxx on Bass (4th B.), & Mike Emmons on Drums (4th D.) This line-up lasted until SEPT of 08' When Mike left.

Now 2009 Held a wide open future for CRY ENVY and through it all, Brian Roxxy has held his vision and band together, through all the B.S. that come with bands.

During the remaining 2 years from 2009 to 2010 The Line up had more changes Drummer Adam Christii and Chris Michaelz on Bass, to replacing them with a psycho drummer named Scott (we all believed he was on some heavy duty drugs). The Johnny Walker on Drums with Alan Harrison back on Bass. Then Chris Jamison back for the final time as this Line-up was put on hold and ACR or Angel City Rejects was created.

Now the year is 2019. And although I am not playing as much or at times at all CRY ENVY and ANGEL CITY REJECTS are still Active bands. either Recording or Playing Live shows. Once Music is in your blood it never goes away. Hoping to release a NEW CD's worth of Material soon.

NOTE: all previous members are for a number of reason, most being Musical Differences, or just weren't right for the band and Brian decided it was time to move forward to find the RIGHT fit's. Most previous members and Brian do not communicate do to that.

The Funny thing with bands and any musician will tell you it's like juggling 3 or 4 wives or girlfriends, there is always fighting, Lying, and pretty much each other waiting to stab you in the back given the chance. There is the truth and then all the lies that one tells themselves. I have dealt with a SHIT LOAD of Drama Queens and Bastards in my years. I have kept all my stuff as Honest as I can and this goes back, I have a photographic memory maybe because I wasn't on drugs as most were or drunk or blinded by their enormous Ego's. So their version of the truth might be a bit hazy from all the drugs and alcohol. In my time in Northern Ca. I can ONLY say there were a handful of cool musicians and the rest were a bunch of sniveling little drama queens. Funny thing is NONE have made any noise to speak of, outside of the Sacramento Area, But they're Godz in their own mind.. they'll be some to tell you they have. Just ask them for the proof.