Eric Soprano - The 4th CRY ENVY Guitarist 

Adam Christii was the 5th Drummer of CRY ENVY 

Me with Noti Bullets, he was the 3rd Bassist in CRY ENVY 

BRATPAK photoshoot 1987' 

Me & Randall Justice - JUSTICE 1988' 

l to r. Randall, Johnny, Colin and Me - JUSTICE 87' 

Alan Harrison (aka Alister Coxx) and myself 

Troy Kreb and Me - ANGOLA GREY Live @ Club Me 1989' 

Me - JUSTICE 1988' throwing out a poster. 

Alan Harrison - the 3rd CRY ENVY bassist. 

Shane Foxx (aka) Chris Jamison was the 2nd and 7th Drummer for CRY ENVY 

Chris Michaelz was the 5th Bassist for CRY ENVY 

L to R Mike Emmons/ Drums, Alan Harrison/ Bass, Me. Lower Angel (long time friends and Band Photographer). Eric Soprano/ Guitar - CRY ENVY 2008 

Me with Johnny Mills on Guitar - JUSTICE 1988' 

Randall, Colin and me JUSTICE 1988' 

Me & Johnny Mills - JUSTICE 1988' 

L to R - Chris Rust/ Drums, Me, Larry Lee/Bass & Paul Klein/ Guitar - WIDOW 1988'